I began my career with the Housing Authority of the City of Austin in the mid-90’s and discovered a passion for helping low and moderate income families and individuals find decent and affordable places to live. After several years in Austin learning about and administering affordable housing programs, I was fortunate to have been chosen to serve as the Executive Director for both the Georgetown and Texarkana (TX) Housing Authorities, Chief Operating Officer of the Housing Authority of the City of Pittburgh, and as President/ Chief Executive Officer for the Fort Worth Housing Authority (now known as Fort Worth Housing Solutions).

I have worked with progressive and innovative boards and communities that have viewed affordable housing as a essential need. I have honed my skills by turning substandard and standard agencies into high performing agencies, redeveloping older properties and developing new units, and improving the effectiveness and efficiencies in the agencies I have served. I have managed many different federal and state funding programs, developed excellent relationships with local and federal HUD offices and staff, and have worked to build the capacity of PHAs throughout the state of Texas and nationally. 

In 2017, I took a leap of faith and became a consultant, assisting providers provide better and more affordable housing opportunities for low to moderate income families in need. 

The name “Stinger Consulting” has a personal meaning.

“Stinger” was my father’s call sign when he served as a pilot in the Army. One of the first blacks in his flight school, he spent the majority of his career flying every type of aircraft known to man. In Vietnam, he provided cover and escape for ground troops during the war. After the war, he continued to fly for many more years until he was grounded with health issues. He was a career military officer and served his country for another decade and through both peace and war time until he retired with nearly forty years of service. He was driven and dedicated to his country.

“Stinger” also represents another personal passion in our family – raising honeybees. Honeybees are one of the most industrious insects in the world and they use the most complex symbolic language of any animal on earth, outside of the primate family. Packing a million neurons into a brain that measures a mere cubic millimeter, they have a remarkable capacity to learn and remember things.

At Stinger Consulting LLC, we embody the traits of both my father and the honeybees. We are passionate about affordable housing and will work tirelessly for our clients, regardless of the challenges thrown at us. We will take what we have learned over our career and apply those experiences and skills to your projects. We constantly look for new and innovative ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles that have been placed in our way, and are dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best service and guidance.